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Aster Networks, a leading Networking &
System Integration company of India.


Core Networking Solutions

CNS help organizations to build world-class IT infrastructure that can scale cost-effectively. These solutions ensure

  • Superior performance and security
  • High uptimes
  • Lowest TCO

Building a responsive and scalable core IT infrastructure

Enterprise class as well as carrier class routing solutions help organizations to upgrade from their existing routers to superior routing platforms and roll-out services like QoS, Multicast, MPLS, VoIP, Video,  IP TV, Broadband, Metro Ethernet etc. without any performance trade-offs and administrative overheads.

High performance switching solutions are designed to manage and control traffic flows at the core of data centers. Apart from layer 2 and Layer 3 switches which provide basic packet switching services, Layer 4-7 switches help in content / application switching using sophisticated policies that perform intelligent traffic management. The installations done by Aster support some of the most complex and mission critical sites.

Technology – High speed L2, L3, L4-7 switching enhancing application performance.