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Aster Networks, a leading Networking &
System Integration company of India.


Enterprise Security

Infrastructure Security:

Offers perimeter security using firewall, advanced methods of privacy & integrity (VPN) and sophisticated intrusion detection & prevention. Provides effective solutions that secure data from within the perimeter, checking and detecting attacks from beyond the perimeter and controlling access to all information.

Content Security:

Offers solutions that manage application layer- Spam and relay protection using an extensive array of anti spam technologies, anti virus solutions, preventing transmission of confidential data.

Identity Management:

Enables Customers to manage information about users, whoever they are, how they are authenticated, and what they can access. All this is done through foolproof passwords, stringent enforcement policies together with acquiring, integrating, testing and deploying independent security solution components.

Email Security:

Provides next generation email security platform built on robust AsyncOS, which provides complete email security. This includes Reputation Filtering (Threat Prevention), Content Scanning, Anti-Spam, and Anti-Virus.

Automated Patch Management:

This automates tedious process of researching and deploying new patches by providing pre-packaged, pre-tested solutions for Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms. This includes Centralized Management Console, comprehensive reporting like Remediation History, Audit Trails, Trend Analysis, and Aggregated Reports across multiple systems throughout the network.