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Infrastructure Optimization Solutions

IOS help organizations to optimize their existing IT infrastructure and enhance their ROI. These solutions are aimed at improving the performance of all the components that contribute to end-user experience.

•  Bandwidth Compression and Optimization

BCO solutions help organizations to implement the latest techniques in bandwidth optimization and cut down the huge bandwidth requirements as well as costly bandwidth upgrades. They also help in improving application performance by reducing the application round trips / turns, optimizing TCP, gaining visibility and implementing QoS as well as bandwidth guarantees. 

•  Technology

Compression and traffic volume reduction, TCP Optimization, QoS & bandwidth reservations, Path Optimization, WAN Audits, HTTP/Exchange/CIFS acceleration 

•  Content Delivery Networking

CDN solutions help organizations to optimize their internet bandwidth utilization, enhance end-user experience as well as implement corporate Internet Access Security policies. The solution also helps organizations to consolidate their Internet gateways and proxies for better security control and minimize the administrative overheads. Technology – Web Caching, HTTP compression, QoS, Byte Caching, Path Optimization, Content Filtering, Granular Corporate Internet Access Policies (URL/Content filtering, Anti-phishing, Anti-virus, Time/Role based internet access, AAA etc.)