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Aster Networks, a leading Networking &
System Integration company of India.


Unified Storage

Aster significant expertise to design, develop and architect customized infrastructure solutions from our portfolio of select, industry leading products, solutions and partners.

•  Storage Consolidation:

Enables organizations update and consolidate their data assets, by replacing legacy direct-attached storage systems or complex heterogeneous combinations of servers and storage with new storage platforms. This allows organizations to lower management costs, improve storage management and reap greater return on investment.

•  Data Protection & Availability:

Enables protection, ensures availability of critical information assets, optimizes resource utilization & efficient management of information of the organization.

•  Disaster Recovery:

Enables organizations in building robust disaster recovery process by architecting & deploying solutions that provide redundancy for critical information assets across sites. Using storage based / host based replication methodologies and a host of other disruptive technologies, our solutions enable business to continue even in event of disasters.

•  Storage Security:

Safeguards data, regardless of whether it is retained at-rest inside storage systems, or in-flight across the storage network. These solutions also enable organizations to transform their networked storage environments into a trusted core, protecting data against growing internal and external threats.